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4 Figure Flattering Bodycon Dresses

Short for body conscious, bodycon dresses are the ultimate personification of the “flaunt it if you’ve got it” mantra.  Short, skin-tight, and made from skin hugging Lycra, these dresses are made to show off the body.  Though bodycons are a rising fashion trend, some women seem to prefer their time and tested A-line cuts. But then again, seeing celebrities parade in all colours of Hervé Léger (the father of the bodycon rebirth) is enough to get those same women rushing online to grab as many cheap bodycon dresses as they can afford.  Once you try a bodycon, you are hooked.  If you never thought of the unique, flattering qualities of bodycons, according to body type, you have come to the right place!  Though each dress is perfectly designed to flatter every woman, if you are in question, let’s take a look at four bodycon dresses that provide secret benefits to any body type.


1.  Gillian Long Sleeved Sequin Dress


For those looking for a more modest bodycon option, go for one with ¾ sleeves and a high scoop-neck.  This look is especially flattering for those who want to hide undefined arms or diminish the appearance of the bustline.  To keep the ensemble interesting, the whole dress comes in a sequined silver finish.  People will be so dazzled by your dress that you will quickly forget wearing a bodycon ever worried you.

2.  Joyce Cap Sleeved Midi Dress


If you want to take your bodycon dress out for a spin during the day, do not fret.  There are impressive looking options that you can where to the office, though sexy enough to turn heads.  This option is flattering on all body types.  Its cut is slimming.  Besides, everyone knows that black takes off 5 pounds.  This casual look, when paired with a blazer, will sure win you a standing ovation at the board meeting.

3.  Kate Hourglass Bodycon Dress



This dress is guaranteed to make you look slimmer!  Don’t you just love the shape of this bodycon dress?  Its black panels create the most fabulous illusion of curves.  This option works wonderfully on many body types.  The cut and colour of this dress suits both curvy, fuller, shaped women and thinner women with an athletic build.  In either instance, the dress slims the body with waist definition and an attractive, curvy shape.


4.  Asymmetric-One Shoulder Bandage Bodycon Dress

If you’re worried that you will look like everyone else by wearing a crew neck or V-neck dress,  don’t be afraid to shake things up a little by choosing a flattering asymmetrical cut that flaunts great shoulders. The subtle plum colours up the sophistication too.


The good news is it does not take a lot of investment to get your hands on a bodycon dress; our fantastic, cheap bodycon dresses are available online. Why go after high priced bodycons when you can get cheap bodycon dresses at the fraction of the price.  Plus, here’s a little secret.  Not all bodycon dresses draw attention to your problem areas. In fact, if you need a little encouragement, you can slim up your figure with the help of shapewear.  Either way, any garment worn with confidence makes you look like a million dollars.  So strut tall when wearing one of your bodycon dresses.  Whip out those high heels and be ready to impress in your flattering bodycon dress!

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